Lights On

Lights On

We showered with the lights off tonight

wish I could say your hands and the water felt nice

but the only thing my skin felt was




I only really notice I’m naked after a fight

don’t you?

so the lights, I kept them off

cuz we’d argued and we’d

tossed our souls

around a room, and I

caught your words and recoiled, cocooned

myself back into hiding

See, Id just shown you a song I’d been writing

and I sang the thing, start to finish,

and for those three and a half minutes

i was Rose posing Naked for Jack

Hoping you'd see something in me besides everything I lack

hoping you’d see something in me worth painting,

something in me worth framing

so you could carry me around your neck in a lock-it on your chest

the way we carry things we never want to lose

I wish you would’ve said you never want to lose me

I wish you would’ve said I captured your heart or that just

the sound of me

was sheer art

I wish you would’ve said what words can’t or just looked at me the way eyes in love do

but you

gave me feedback like a musician ought to

But darling we aren’t just musicians, we’re lovers

and when we exchange tunes

we exchange skin

we swap out melodies for hearts that want to beat again

and when I’m standing on stages, out of all the faces




and it’s worth more than a million praises from a million different faces. lover,

I stand here and I wonder

most what your eyes see.

if you can find a drop of beauty in me

even when I stutter or sing off key

even when I’m naked with the lights on

even when my finger traces lines on your palm

while your eyes trace lines down my sides


our melodies aren’t just quarter notes on a line

they are skin and dreams and soul intertwined


what if we get brave?

brave because we know melodies lift us up out of graves

and what if you let your eyes crave and see all of me

and I stop hiding so damn much just to

live safely?

what if we stopped trying to pretend

darling, turn the lights on and

I’ll sing you a song again.



*Lights On, live for the first time: 

Decluterring Home and Heart DIY

Decluterring Home and Heart DIY